A Call for a New Capital City

Greater Cairo is the largest city in Africa and one of the most densely populated cities in the world with approximately 20 million inhabitants. While the borders of Greater Cairo are expanding with each new development, the population continues to grow at a tremendous rate, resulting in a both a larger and more crowded capital city.

It is time for Egypt to address the problem of overcrowding head on, and follow in the footsteps of other nations that have created new capital cities to relieve the strain on major metropolises.  Like Switzerland, Australia, and Canada before it, Egypt could greatly benefit from moving government and civil service institutions to a new city, leaving greater space for business development and residential growth in Cairo proper.

Rather than continue to cram 80 million Egyptians onto 6% of the nation’s land, Egypt should take advantage of its vast geographic and industrial resources to create proper infrastructure and housing in a new location far removed yet accessible from the urban sprawl of Cairo.

Not just a new city, but a new Capital City, beyond the valley and far from the delta; a city which will stand testament to Egypt’s evolution and the spirit of the revolution.

One needs only to look out of their window on a warm Cairo day to realize that the city has reached its limit. With rapid population growth across the country, Cairo’s population density per KM2 has also grown by alarming rates. Traffic has become a major hindering factor in the city’s growth and development, while parking, amongst many things has become a rare commodity.

For decades now, Cairo has been the center of Egypt’s political and economic life; everything happens in Cairo. It is also the center of religion, culture, art and tourism and home to over 20 million inhabitants.

Yet what people fail to understand, is that all 85 million Egyptians occupy only 6% of the total land area of the country. A habit passed down by our great ancestors for millennia.

We believe that it is time to change this habit and to venture into a new world, and explore the possibilities of building an iconic new Capital City. Not just new satellite cities around Cairo, but a new innovative, green Capital City.


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