Egypt 2012 Elections

6/12/2012 – Its only days to the elections in Egypt and the results of the second round votes from abroad are clear and decisive on supporting Moursi (The guy with the beard). Yet many say that this is not a true reflection of how things will eventually turn out come the 16th and 17th of June. Well, things are becoming ridiculous, especially that there is an anxiously waited for law that may turn things 180 degrees, dissolution’s of parliament, and repeating the whole elections process again for both the lower and upper house and the presidential elections. Add to that the possible any minute now death of Mubarak. Anyway I don’t think that i am surprised; actually I am not surprised at all that this is the situation we are in 15 months after the protests of the 25th of January. As and Egyptian and through my experiences in this country, i have come to release the only real constant in this country is that nothing ever gets done right the first time, and nothing is ever properly maintained. I have again decided to exercise my democratic right not to vote in this election. But if i were I would surely give my voice to Shafik. I have never met the man and knew very little about him till recently in 2011. Certainly not my first choice for the job but yet again, his opponent in the runoffs represents, in my opinion, a cult ignorant and extremest thinkers, and the fact of the matter is that Egypt is only a means to a much greater end for them.
So all of these thoughts in my head had to have a little more substance. Not voting for any of them but if i would, i would give my voice to Shafik, simply because i hate the concept of “God Based” politics. So i wanted to think about the whole issue a little practically. In my humble opinion i think one of the major issues Egypt was facing and still is facing and will continue to face is the lack of “Management”. Egyptians, in Egypt are some of the worst managers in the world. So i keep on thinking that the Mubarak regime should be blamed for the complete lack of management of the country for the past 20 years at least. This does not take away from the fact that there has been many notable achievements during his regime, in technology, infrastructure, economics, and even in “snail paced” democratic reform. But there has been more damage than good done to Egypt, especially in the past 10 years, ironically during a time when foreign direct investment was at its highest, tourist projections higher than every before, and a GDP growth as high as 7% and no lower than 4% despite a global financial crisis. Just imagine that Egypt was properly manged and that corruption was the exception rather than the norm. Imagine if Egypt had an efficient public sector and an ambitious, innovative and competitive private sector. It is the Egypt we all aspire for. So can Shafik bring these dreams to reality in four to eight years? Well Egypt is not the Airport, but more importantly, can we really say that civil aviation in Egypt has been a global leader in innovation, development and technology? I hate Cairo Airport, from the moment that I approach the vicinity. Nothing fabulous about the place. Signs are confusing, parking a disaster, the staff are untrained, are not impressive and mostly unfriendly (unless you pay them bakshish [tip]). Simply not one of those airports that you can enjoy spending a 6 hour transit in. We do though have to admit that it is much much better than it was before, even Egypt Air has shown great improvement in services, flights, schedules, destinations and alliances. But can we really say that it is a global player. Is it Singapore Airlines, Gulf Air, or any of these global carriers? not really. So is that the Egypt that we would get under the management of Shafik? a third rate country? Maybe he had more potential and just could not do more than that under the Mubarak regime. There were constraints, restrictions and challenges in doing business under the per-revolution regime. So maybe if given a chance Shafik can reach his full potential (of management). Still I think he will do a much better job than the MB backed candidate.


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