Who will Win

Cairo 6/13/2012 – Only a few hours to go and I am not sure how the constitutional court is going to take a decision on two major laws. I am not even sure why they would put up two such important laws in the same month yet alone on the same day. The ruling on one of these laws means that either the liberal presidential candidate can run in next Saturdays election or……..not practice any kind of politics for the next 10 years. This would also mean that presidential elections would have to be repeated. The other law questions the legitimacy of the Egyptian parliament. This means that Parliament would be dissolved and new parliamentary elections have to take place. So it is very possible that by tomorrow Egypt could end up without a president, without a parliament, without a constitution and without any true national consensus. I personally am not so sure if that would be a bad thing. Actually, the more i think about it the more it makes sense to just reboot and restart again. I am sure that we can do a better job this time round. But do people have the patience, will the political forces accept this specific outcome? I doubt that this scenario will go down well with many, and the streets will once again fill with those looking to defend their best interests .
Or tomorrow things will just remain the same and Shafiq is allowed to continue his bid for the presidency and run in Saturdays elections. And that parliament remains in tact and allowed to continue putting together the new constitution. So if Shafiq is allowed to run by a court ruling tomorrow, then we will find the streets break out in anger and the Square filled even before sundown. I also assume that they will call for the cleansing of the Judicial System accusing the judges of being remnants of the old regime. So we can only wait and see and take it day by day.


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