Historical Consitutional Court Verdict

Cairo 6/14/2012 – So its been only minutes since the verdict came in from the Egyptian Constitutional Court regarding two very important issues. The first is the disenfranchisement law, which basically asks for members of the old regime (senior), those holding key government positions and those in senior National Democratic Party positions, would all not have the right to practice pr participate, run for office or any government position for the next 10 years. If it the law would have passed then the presidential candidate Shafik would have been disqualified from this weekend’s presidential run offs and the whole process would be started again between 12 of the 13 original candidates. That would have been quite an interesting scenario and i would have been curious to see how the results would have looked like this time round. Would Sabahi do better this time round, or will the MB become unchallenged. Where would the Shafik vote go and to whom. Would the youth groups reconsider their support for the MB. Would Amr Moussa have a batter chance if the elections where repeated. So many questions in mind, but generally I feel happy with the Court’s decision. And I am now looking forward to the run offs on Saturday and Sunday. Another Court decision which I am very happy with today is the Dismantling of one third of the Egyptian parliament. This great news and I hope that the law expands to the rest of the parliament. But am still fine with the one third. This one thirds are the independent candidates. Unfortunately someone during this whole time and process did not quite understand the meaning of the word INDEPENDENT, so they ran members of political parties and won. So like any 3 year old would conclude, this is not right. So I am happy with this verdict and more so that most of the so called independent MPs are either members of the MB or the Salifests political parties. I think this will also be quite interesting considering the fact that the 100 person constitutions committee will have to be reselected and hence with one third of the parliament not there then the whole structure of selection will be changed. So now we either wait another month or two or three for the new parliamentary elections. Or reach a national consensus now for the selection of the committee which will write our new constitution. Or we could go back to the 71 constitution with some amendments and then run them through a referendum.
I think now, there is only one peice of the puzzle left to put in place. If Shafik wins next week, then we can we can really start thinking of rebuilding Egypt and the economic outlook will start to look very positive. Not without difficulties but the potential is great. If the MB win and insist on practicing their monopolistic political and ideological oppression of the Egyptian people, then we will not see economic and social recovery in Egypt for at least the next 5 years. In conclusion, today has been a great triumph for free and democratic Egypt. This is a clear demonstration that the MBs and Salafists are not has politically and legally savvy as they make themselves out to be.


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