Thursday Night in Egypt

Cairo 6/14/2012 – Well so far the reactions to the courts verdicts on two controversial laws, seems more of an analysis rather than an extreme reaction. The roads infront of the court have been opened and so far so good. I don’t think it will stay this way. I am assuming that what will happen is that 1000s will start heading towards Tahrir Square. It is Thursday night leading up to a three day weekend, so I trust there will be a whole bunch of people wanting to spend there evening in Tahrir. They will gather to protest the refusal of the disenfranchisement law and call for the fall of the judiciary, the SCAF and the old regime. The same will happen tomorrow, people will show-up before prayers and pray in the square and spend the rest of the day there.
What will be interesting today is not just the reaction to the disenfranchisement law, but more importantly the dissolution of one third of the parliament. Will the MB and Salafists escalate things in Tahrir and across the country. We cant forget now that only yesterday the Minister of justice gave full police rights to the Military Police and Military Intelligence to arrest civilians. This weekend will be the last difficult wave.


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