Al Katatny is Proof of the MB Deception

Cairo – 6/18/2012 – Al Katatny is one of the biggest liers Egypt has ever witnessed in over 7000 years of civilization. So because we live in an literate uneducated population a person like the fake Katatny who was briefly (thankfully) the head of parliament. He is another BS artist from the Muslim brotherhood. He resigned (supposedly) from the MB and their so called Freedom and Justice Party (the so called political arm of the unofficial terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood) The minute the parliament was dissolved he ran back to his masters. Kissing the “Morshed’s” a** or hand…..same thing. He is now holding hands with his “sisterhood” colleague Mohamed Moursi (the farce) . So how on earth can I trust a “Morshed” hand kissing “A hole” like Moursi to be a president of great Egypt? He will never have loyalty to Egypt as his loyalty will always and forever remain with the Morshed. Moursi….you are a failure before you even try. 


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