The Brotherhood is a Sisterhood

Cairo – 6/18/2012 – A remembrance of the castrated lions of Kasr El Nile Bridge – The oppressive cult like Religious “Cartel” The so called Muslim Brotherhood……….Un Egyptian by all means if there is such an expression. But honestly they are nothing more than a Colombian drug cartel. Organized, with strong administrative capabilities, built on the ignorance of an uneducated population which they have helped in creating. For a so called religious organization you would have expected that all the efforts they have made over 80 years, they would have at least tried to teach people to read and write. Even if it was an underground effort. But for their own benefit they are happy having an uneducated population. This has been to their very own advantage despite the fact that the first words in Islam where ‘READ”. Instead the MB has found it more convenient to not achieve that goa if an educated population. Moursi is a clown (looks and acts as one) and and the MB believe in nothing less than an Islamic Nation of which Egypt is nothing more than a mean to achieve the end. They are not Egyptian, they are nothing more than self centered, self interest seeking bunch of businessmen whom have found now an opportunity to take over the commanding heights of Egypt’s economy; to take it over from their NDP counterparts. In a sense I really wish that Moursi wins, because this will be a great opportunity to oppose him in everything he does, says or wants to do. I will never trust a man who grows a beard and develops a hemorrhage simply to prove that he is a man of God. Even if Moursi becomes president he and his likes will never be my president or president of my country and if I have to spend another 80 years to make their lives a miserable one, I will have the patience to do so. I will stand against them in every thing that they do. I have great pride in the Egyptian Armed forces and the Supreme Council of Armed Forces. Thank you for protecting us from the scum. Even if Moursi becomes president, he will be nothing more than a baby without underwear. Moursi!!!!!!! I don’t go to Tahrir for you or against you, BUT i vow that if you are here for the next four years I will do everything in my capacity to honestly play my role as an opposition leader against you and your likes.


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