Egypt, the world’s greatest civilization

Cairo – September 30th 2013: Egypt, the world’s greatest civilization, the mother of the world, the land of peace, religious diversity and unity, the land of the free, the gift of the Nile, the jewel of the Mediterranean, this great nation is ever changing day after day before our very eyes through the free will of the Egyptian People.
As the world watches these changes with amazement and respect when tens of millions of Egyptians flooded the streets to make their voices heard, foreign media outlets have deliberately silenced our calls for freedom, dignity and social justice, misinterpreting and misrepresenting the current events while relaying misguided messages to the international community.
Together we can show the world that we are optimistic about the future, that Egypt will live up to its true potential both politically and economically. That true democratic change does not just happen and that we will take as much time as we see appropriate to create a sustainable stable political, social and economic environment to ensure a better future for posterity.


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