The Rebirth of Our National Identity

Cairo – October 8th 2013: In less than 3 years, Egypt has undergone more changes than it has over the past 30 years, and while such changes included conflicts, they also included resolution which have led to the rebirth of Egypt’s national identity. After decades of stagnation in nationalist sentiment, Egyptians today have found a new sense of belonging, and control over their futures. Tens of millions took to the street on June 30th 2013, in a quest to save their national identity, everything which makes Egypt unique, everything which makes us Egyptians.

Today, it is imperative that we enforce the rebirth of our National Identity and share with global markets, represented by foreign investors and international consumers, our vision and strong belief in Egypt’s economic and political future. Our nation’s image as perceived by global consumers will play a major role in encouraging trade, tourism and attracting foreign direct investments. Yet to achieve this we must first identify the right strategies and tools required to implement a cohesive and comprehensive “National Image Plan”.


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